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In the aftermath of a school shooting, a group of mothers and friends reunite at a dinner party in the hopes of reconciliation, but paranoia and unresolved feelings unfold as the truth of what happened on that day is revealed.

PRODUCER: Felicia Ferrara                         
GENRE: Mystery/Psychological Thriller
FORMAT: Feature Film
STATUS: In-Development

Hanna X

A German woman in the Namibian desert in the early 20th century brings together a group of African natives and women in her crusade against the German Second Reich and the soldiers who wronged her.

WRITERS: Brian O’Donnell
Based on the novel “The Other Side of Silence” by André Brink PRODUCER: Felicia Ferrara                         
GENRE: Drama/Revenge Thriller
FORMAT: Feature Film
STATUS: In-Development

Hanna X(2).png